The Exploration Bundle


All the exploration software and data you need for as low as $25K/year!

Whether you’re starting a new exploration and production company, or simply looking to maximize value, Divestco’s Exploration Bundle provides all the software and data you need.

GeoCarta Map

Thematic mapping of a data layer.

GeoCarta Map

Best Fit text on polygon annotations.

GeoCarta Map

Polygon Splitting to visualize land ownership.

GeoCarta Well Viewer

Connecting picks in a cross section.

GeoCarta Reports

Interactive well tickets in the Digital Data Viewer.

GeoCarta Data Explorer

Excel-like data pivoting and analysis in the Data Explorer.

 Geological Software

  • GeoCarta: A tool that allows you to search, analyze and visualize Oil & Gas data for mapping an analysis of Western Canadian well/log data. Includes an Engineering tools suite for production plotting, gas material balance and tool evaluation.
  • CrossLog Suite: Efficiently view, print and interpret your scanned and digital well logs.

Exploration Datasets

  • Digital & Raster Well Logs
  • Engineering Data
  • Land Data
  • Spatial Data
  • Formation Tops & Limits
  • Trade Seismic Data Layers

Geophysical Software

  • Glass: Seismic Interpretation made easy through user driven design. Enhanced workflows with industry leading line tying, mis-tie analysis and data modeling capabilities.
  • Synthetic Suite: A powerful stratigraphic log modeling application with three integrated tools: 2D modeling, preparing and editing logs, and 1D seismograms.

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