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Synthetic Suite LogEdit

SynthSuite for Log Modeling


Comprehensive and powerful stratigraphic log modeling.

Stratigraphic Modeling from Logs to Seismic

Divestco’s SynthSuite gives you unprecedented power when it comes to stratigraphic log modeling. SynthSuite consists of three integrated tools (InterpaLog, LogEdit and Synth1D) for fast, easy and precise modeling. Use InterpaLog to work with multi-well 2D modeling, use LogEdit to prepare and edit logs and use Synth1D to work with 1D seismograms.

  • Comprehensive and powerful application for stratigraphic log modeling
  • Integrated Features enable consistency between tools for accurate modeling
  • Import logs from LAS, ASCII formats and FastLog
  • Input or output in SEG-Y format
Log Edit
Synthetic Suite LogEdit

Easily display and manipulate LAS curves. Calculate new curves and highlight zones of interest.

2D Synth
2D Synth

Displays a synthetic from your LAS file using standard wavelets or import your own.

Geological Model
InterpaLog Geological Model

Create a geological cross section from your LAS.

Seismic Model
Seismic Model

Convert your Geological cross section into Seismic line that can be exported to your workstation.


  • Display well logs in depth, relative to KB, sea level or in time
  • Create correlations from tops in well log files or draw interactively on the screen
  • Automatically fill in missing curve sections using adjacent wells
  • Specify stretch/squeeze top or bottom removal interpolation for any part of the model
  • Apply check shot corrections to calculate seismic datum
  • Choose from a variety of standard wavelets or filters, including file wavelets
  • Flatten on any horizon
  • Simultaneously view multiple iterations of interpolated log and trace models
  • View traces in wiggle, variable density and/or color amplitude modes
  • Convenient viewing with multi-monitor capability
  • Input or output seismic in SEG-Y format


  • Display multiple wells simultaneously and align them by strata or structure
  • Easily pick tops graphically or import them in batch mode directly from spreadsheet files
  • Use batch LAS importing to simultaneously format all wells according to pre-designed templates
  • Create composite well logs using source logs from multiple wells
  • Change the display layout with user-selectable default template
  • Capable of full curve editing (scale conversions, units conversion)
  • Use the comprehensive log calculator for predefined and user-defined complex equations and curve-to-curve math


  • Launches from LogEdit
  • Overlay any log with synthetic traces
  • Plot other well curves including gamma ray, acoustic impedance and density
  • Fully configurable plot layout templates
  • Automatic datum time calculation
  • Accurate depth-to-time, anti-alias filter
  • Enables a variety of wavelets, including SEG-Y file wavelets
  • Full CAD editing capability

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