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Other Exploration Datasets

Other Exploration Data Sets


Divestco offers a wide-range of exploration datasets including land, grid and culture, mapping, wells, reserves, and pipelines.  

Divestco offers a wide-range of exploration datasets including land, grid, culture, well, reserve, and pipeline. Improve your productivity significantly by purchasing any of these datasets as a stand-alone file or integrated with any of Divestco’s software applications.
* indicates the dataset is available standalone

Land Data*

Divestco Land Data provides Western Canadian public and private mineral rights; combining open, held, and disposed crown rights, unitized land, freehold, native land, and provincial land sale postings in a single PPDM database. The dataset adds title details to freehold land polygons; allowing you to view mineral rights tract details, lists of caveats and encumbrances and ownership details. Divestco Land data offers customizable data delivery, with support for relational database and spatial GIS application delivery.

Available with: GeoVistaGeoCarta

Formation Tops Data

Divestco Formation Tops fill the gaps in government formation data coverage providing precise and consistent picks throughout the WCSB. Through regional mapping and well log correlation the well formation coverage establishes a regional perspective by providing a standardized stratigraphic column. We have also added detailed stratigraphic formation equivalence codes (Eras, Periods, Epochs, Stages) for every formation in the database. The dataset includes over 6 million additional formation tops, including picks for 180,000 wells where no government picks are available.

Available with: GeoVista, GeoCarta

Alberta Formation Limits

The Digitized Alberta Formation Limits provides access to the digital format of erosional and depositional edges, outliers, inliers, formation subcrops, related faults, and eastern-most outcrops.

Available with: GeoVista, GeoCarta

Well Log Data*

Divestco’s EnerGISite hosts one of the industry’s most complete digital libraries of comprehensive well log data. Logs are available as scanned images or as digital curves. Divestco additionally hosts a searchable database which includes millions of scanned pages of original well documents including DSTs, Directional Surveys, Core Analysis and Fluid and Gas Analysis.  Learn More.

Available with: GeoVista, GeoCarta

Spatial Data*

Divestco provides all of the industry standard grid versions in Western Canada in either NAD27 or NAD 83 datums. Divestco’s Geomatics experts have developed an exceptional cartographic culture set consisting of seamless base map information layers from data sourced from various government agencies.

Available with: GeoCarta

Valtus Ortho Photo Images*

Valtus photos can be added as a standard map layer, allowing you to view high resolution detailed images in your maps for printing or viewing. Valtus offers two convenient methods for purchasing and downloading high resolution orthorectified air photos and LiDAR imagery.

  • Valtus Views  provides automatic and real-time streaming of imagery directly to your desktop. A subscription to Views opens access to the entire Valtus high resolution imagery library delivering quality imagery when and however you need it. 
    Learn More.
  • The Valtus Spatial Data Store provides a quick and easy web interface to get the imagery and LiDAR data you need. Once you have selected your area, defined the parameters and submitted your order, Valtus processes the order according to your specifications available for download within minutes. The Valtus online store operates on a per transaction basis. 
    Learn More.

Available with: GeoVista, GeoCarta

SDLS Offering*

The SDLS offering consists of shape files created from the SDLS database. Seismic locations display the location of all 2D and 3D seismic surveys that have been shot in Western Canada on a GeoCarta, GeoVista or ArcGIS map. The data is updated monthly and includes: Line Number, Area name, Energy Source, Fold, Data Shot and Line Length (Area for 3D). Learn more about SDLS.

Available with: GeoVista, GeoCarta

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