Grid and Contour

Glass™ for Seismic Interpretation


Powerful interpretation with an easy to learn user interface. Built from the science of our legacy products on a modern, stable and extensible platform.

Glass™ Seismic Interpretation Software

Designed from the ground-up with your exploration workflow in mind, Glass is a revolutionary advancement in Seismic Interpretation. Built on a foundation of tried and true science, Glass offers a stable platform with a modern user interface and compelling licensing options to maximize your exploration budget.

Based on Divestco’s legacy interpretation product WinPICS, Glass leverages 30+ years seismic interpretation science and experience on a modern, stable and extensible platform.

Used worldwide for seismic interpretation since the ‘80s. All of the science, but with improved workflows and stability, is now available in Glass.
MisTie Analysis
MisTie Analysis

Quickly line tie seismic with on the fly MisTie analysis.

Grid and Contour
Grid and Contour

Honor faults when gridding and contouring maps.

3D Display
3D Display

Visualize your 3D in 3D display to see how wells, horizons, and fault interact.

Curve Display
Curve Display

Display vertical, directional, or horizontal LAS curves along the borehole.

Horizon Slice
Horizon Slice

From your map window create time slices or horizon slices on the fly.

Glass’ Strengths:

  • Ability to interpret 2D & 3D seismic
  • Includes synthetics and line tying
  • Easily edit LAS and create geophysical models (through SynthSuite)
  • Visualize well logs along the well path for both directional and horizontal wells
  • 3D visualization capabilities
  • Integration with EnerGISite to easily add well spots and logs to your interpretation

New in Glass 3.3

  • Interactive slice navigation
  • Updated dynamic color scaling
  • Bulk load LAS
  • Edit almost anything from within the Glass Manager
Mapping Features
  • On the fly seismic volume slicing
  • Independent map windows (shows multiple maps with different attributes for the same geophysical target)
  • Ability to create your own annotation
  • Well posting
  • On the fly horizon and amplitude smoothing
  • True GIS mapping capabilities
Seismic Features
  • Integrated synthetic ties
  • Post-stack processing
  • Horizon picking
  • Fault marking
  • Visualize well log along the well path for both directional and horizontal wells
Other Important Features
  • One-click time to depth maps
  • Grid and horizon calculators
  • 3D visualization capabilities
  • Integration with SynthSuite (LAS manipulation, synthetic creation, and geophysical 2D modelling)

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