GeoCarta for Data Management – Create and Resolve lookup

GeoCarta for Data Management


Managing your seismic metadata in a spreadsheet? Try GeoCarta for Data Management. Easy & powerful loaders combined with interactive spatial visualizations.

One Tool for Public Data Searches & Proprietary Data Management. GeoCarta’s Data Management Module extends the GeoCarta platform for easily exploring, analyzing, exporting and mapping public and proprietary data to allow you to easily manage your own seismic meta-data.

Data Loader screen
GeoCarta for Data Management – Data Loader screen

Data Loader screen with drop down boxes to assign your input file to a database column.

Reconcile Missing Columns
GeoCarta for Data Management – Reconcile Missing Column

Reconcile Missing Columns to identify important information that is not in the input spreadsheet.

Lookup values
GeoCarta for Data Management – Create and Resolve lookup

Create and Resolve lookup values.  When importing items that belong to a lookup table you can assign new items to an existing entry or create a new entry.

Data Validation
GeoCarta for Data Management – Data Validation.

Data Validation.  Create and apply rules for the imported data so bad data can’t get into your database.

Are you currently:

  • Storing data in databases, file shares and application repositories but there is no clear understanding of where everything is and how to access to it?
  • Acquiring data multiple times because you aren’t sure what data you have, where it is or how old it is? Is this worse because of staff turnover or downsizing?
  • Spending too much time (or no time at all) tracking down data provenance when divesting assets?
  • Having problems building maps where your wells or seismic don’t line up because the input data doesn’t contain information about the source, reference systems and vintage?
  • Spending most a projects timeline finding, formatting and cleaning data to be workstation ready?

Data Management Module Strengths:

  • Easy to load Records Management information for Well, Land, Midstream and Seismic objects: AFE, Information and Physical Items
  • Load Seismic specific details for: Line Header, Ownership, Location/Survey
  • Data validation to protect you from the ‘garbage-in, garbage-out’ cycle
  • Fully integrated with GeoCarta for powerful but easy mapping, analysis and reporting allowing you to quickly and easily:
    • Create asset reports for inventory or divestiture
    • Consolidate to one mapping and analysis product
Geocarta Data Management

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