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GeoCarta for Data Analysis & Mapping


Powerful mapping and analysis software fully integrated with well, land, LMR, log and midstream data. 

GeoCarta for Data Analysis & Mapping

GeoCarta enables individuals and teams to make faster and more accurate decisions by easily exploring, analyzing, exporting and mapping public and proprietary well, log and land data.

GeoCarta provides a modern, intuitive interface that supports common oil and gas workflows across multiple disciplines: Geologists, Engineers, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists, Land Professionals and Business Development.

Providing quick and easy access to WCSB well, land, facility and log data since 1990. This 2+ decades of experience, but with amazing mapping and better data mining capabilities, is now available in GeoCarta.


All GeoVista clients are provided a free, additional, seat of GeoCarta.*
More information on GeoVista (pdf).
*Conditions apply.  Contact us for more details.
GeoCarta Map

Thematic mapping of a data layer.

GeoCarta Map

Best Fit text on polygon annotations.

GeoCarta Map

Polygon Splitting to visualize land ownership.

GeoCarta Well Viewer

Connecting picks in a cross section.

GeoCarta Reports

Interactive well tickets in the Digital Data Viewer.

GeoCarta Data Explorer

Excel-like data pivoting and analysis in the Data Explorer.

Are You Currently:

  • Searching for well data and then exporting to excel or other applications?
  • Selecting wells for offset analysis?
  • Picking tops and creating cross sections?
  • Analyzing land holdings and creating land maps?
  • Exploring for acquisition targets?
  • Using map data for spatial analysis?
  • Trying to find a cost-effective way to do all the above?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions then GeoCarta for Data Analysis will be a great tool for you!

GeoCarta includes Divestco’s basic data plan which manages almost 1 million wells with almost 200 million engineering attributes in the WCSB as well as Land and Alberta Liability Management Ratio data. If you also need rasters or digital logs, GeoCarta for Data Analysis has outstanding integration with Divestco’s library of over 2 million rasters and over 6 million unique digital curves.

GeoCarta Subscription Levels
GeoCarta’s Strengths
  • Powerful search, filter and export options
  • Robust spatial imports for better public and proprietary data analysis
  • Easily customizable map layers from your queries
  • Supports team project work
  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • Local or online data access.
New in GeoCarta 5.2

Create better maps and cross-sections for more clarity and much more in GeoCarta 5.2.

  • Edit contours
  • Add curve fills to raster logs
  • Search and report on new well based data
  • Measure tools
  • Data hub access
Data Explorer

Use the Excel-like Data Explorer window to easily build powerful data base queries and then analyze, filter and map the data from a list of objects in your area of interest. Along with viewing data from the installed data base you can easily import and export data using user-defined templates.

Open Mapping

From the map window you can view information about an object, or you can export that information to a report or spreadsheet for more detailed analysis. You can also easily import spatial data and add it to your map layers. Features are:

  • Create contours of any numerical value, even from imported spreadsheets
  • Visualize complex land assignments to better understand the land holdings in your area of interest
  • Easily create descriptive map symbology like: Unique values, graduated symbols, graduated colours and pie charts
  • Post values on the map from any data set
  • Flexible shape and text annotations
  • Access to Divestco’s vast spatial data library
Well Viewer

Use the Well Viewer window to download and analyze the digital curves and raster logs that are available for a well list. When you send a list of wells to the Well Viewer, GeoCarta automatically downloads any appropriate curves or rasters from EnerGISite. You can then pick and edit your user tops, create cross sections, annotate and print.

Formatted Reports

Easily look through all available data sets on a single record or a list of records. View available scanned documents from our E-site. Data from the reports can then be quickly exported as a PDF or set to the Data Explorer, Well Viewer or the Map.

Contact us for more information about GeoCarta for Data Analysis

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