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Digital Logs

Well Log Library


Divestco has the industry’s largest online libraries of comprehensive Canadian Digital and Raster Well Log Data, Digital Strip Logs, well tickets and well documents.

Unique Digital Curves

Raster Logs

Scanned Well Documents

Directional Surveys

Digital Strip Logs

For over 50 years, Divestco has managed Well and Log data used by the Oil & Gas industry. Divestco has the industry’s largest online library of comprehensive Canadian Digital and Raster Well Log data, Digital Strip Logs, Well Tickets and Well Documents. Out of approximately 880,000 wells in Canada we have Raster data on 89% of those wells. Our data is available by subscription, area of interest, pre-paid ‘library card’ or on a transactional basis.

Our strengths are:


Comprehensive Database

  • Access to the industry’s largest digital library of Canadian Well Log data
  • Over 9,000,000 Digital Well Log Curves available for download in an LAS format
  • Access to over 150,000 high-quality wells that are manually inspected by professionals

Easy to Use Interface

  • Instantly download workstation ready Well and Log data through EnerGISite, a simple web-based platform
  • Easily perform detailed searches by: area of interest, depth, source and/or log type
  • Select wells and logs easily through interactive maps

High-Quality Log Data

  • Curves are put through rigorous quality control processes to ensure the best data available
  • Data is checked at both the edit and output stages to ensure curve accuracy
  • Team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality of results possible

Divestco log data features:

Digital log Curves

Over 9,000,000 Digital Curves including government and Divestco QC’d data with thousands more added monthly. Our logs are not only sourced from the regulators but also through log swaps with exploration companies. This means we have logs that the others don’t. Ask us about a standalone subscription or a supplemental subscription to add our content to what you get from your current provider.

Digitized Directional Survey Data

Available for Western Canada with new wells added daily. For each Directional Survey, we capture the following header and point data:

  • Survey Company
  • Calculation Method
  • Measured Depth
  • Survey Date
  • Well License
  • Inclination Angle
  • Vertical Section Azimuth
  • Station Number
  • Azimuth Angle

There are multiple calculated parameters as well. All calculations are done using the industry standard, Minimum Curvature Method. All directional information is referenced to True North.

  • True Vertical Depth
  • Vertical Section
  • East-West Offset
  • Dogleg
  • North-South Offset
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Sub Sea Depth

Directional wells with multiple legs will have multiple UWI’s. We present each leg as a complete composite borehole from surface to the wells total depth so that each borehole can stand by itself and be used on its own.

Scanned Logs

Over 2,760,000 scanned Well Logs (available through EnerGISite or other software packages such as GeoVista and GeoCarta). Our scanned logs are depth registered .tiff images ready to use in Petra, Geographix and other applications. The Raster library is updated on a continuous basis by scanning, at high resolution (400 dpi), the original paper Well Logs received from the provincial energy boards

Digital Strip Logs

Get instant access to the industry’s best collection of colour Digital Strip Logs, many that are unavailable anywhere else. Each of Divestco’s Digital Strip Log bundles contains:

  • Native Well Log Formats: Wellsight, GeoStrip and/or Powerlogger
  • Full colour .tiff and .pdf
  • Digital LAS of:
    • Total Gas
    • Rate of Penetration
    • Gamma Ray
  • Plus ASCII Versions of: Porosity, Oil Shows, Lithology Descriptions, Engineering Parameters, Directional Surveys
Scanned Well Documents

Over 1,600,000 scanned pages of original well documents available as .pdf files. Includes DST’s, Completions, Geological Reports, Fluid Analysis, Directional Surveys and more. Access to the complete original source documents provides you with a degree of detail that is rarely available in digital well databases and will bring you the confidence you need when making critical data influenced decisions.

Well Tickets

Quickly review Production Data, DST Well summaries, Formation Tops and more directly from a well spot.

Proprietary LAS Curve Data Hosting

In addition to the millions of curves already available, EnerGISite allows you to take advantage of Divestco’s Proprietary Log Hosting service for your log data. Hosting your curves on EnerGISite provides a curve data management solution that is centralized, secure, simple and integrated. We handle all the IT software and database infrastructure allowing you to focus on exploration. We will load your curves onto our server which is updated daily and backed up nightly.

The system requires no additional hardware servers or desktop software at your site. The powerful EnerGISite web based search and retrieval tool allow you to access curves and download ready to use LAS files from any location at any time. Proprietary curves are clearly identified by source in the search tools making it easy to prioritize which curves you wish to use in your interpretation projects.

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