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Seismic Data Project Management

Leverage Divestco’s 40+ years of acquisition experience to ensure that your seismic acquisition project is on time, on budget and above all safe.

Seismic Data Project Management

Since its inception Divestco has been managing seismic acquisition projects for both its own acquisition as well as oil company projects. Over this time, Divestco has developed a reputation for ensuring that all the projects we manage are completed on time, on budget and in a safe responsible manner.

Divestco has the industry’s most experienced team with over 40 years of direct “In the Field” expertise. By having a full time, in-house staff our attention to detail is second to none and we are proud to say we have never had a lost-time accident.


Divestco Project Management Expertise:

Project Design and Modeling

Traditionally Divestco works closely with the client to help define the parameters by which the program will be acquired. This includes project modeling and the creation of fold plots, topo and land maps to ensure that the client is making optimal use of the terrain, minimizing surface impact all while being able to image their horizon of interest. Divestco can add value through coordination with potential contractors to ensure that the parameters selected can be achieved and sourced locally in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Stake Holder Approvals and Consultation

Over the years Divestco has developed excellent relationships with the respective Government and First Nations stakeholders. In this respect, Divestco will coordinate with XYZ Energy’s internal stakeholder department to ensure that there is little to no impact on way of life through these operations.

 These services include:

  • Consultation with First Nations
  • Negotiating with First Nation service providers
  • Completion of government approvals package
  • Completion of Caribou or wildlife protection plans
  • Timber Damage Assessment
  • Road use notifications
  • Pipeline crossing notifications
  • Trap line notifications
Field Acquisition

Divestco can manage all aspects of the field operations of the Seismic Program and work with third party contractors to ensure the successful recording of the program.

The scope of operations will include but not be limited to:

  • Creation of tender documents for the solicitation of bids for the various components of field acquisition (including survey, mulching, drilling, recording).
  • Normalization of various bids to ensure compliance and coverage of requirements
  • Water well testing (if required)
  • Coordination of contractor start-up meeting
  • Monitor contractors against project milestones
  • Field supervision and quality control
  • Daily monitoring and progress reporting
  • Assessment of project quality and parameters
  • On Site HSE supervision
  • Liaise between client, contractors and Government personnel (Forestry, Fish and Wildlife etc.)
  • On site expertise to react to operation variables
Post-Acquisition and Delivery

Upon the successful completion of recording, Divestco will coordinate transportation of all raw field records to the designated parties and the processing of these records into a useable format for delivery and interpretation.

  • Tender bids for post acquisition processes
  • Ensure collection and delivery of raw data
  • Coordinate processing and delivery of  raw survey information to approved auditor
  • Coordinate processing and delivery of raw data to approved processor
  • Delivery of final product in industry standard formats
  • Coordinate delivery of survey and field records to approved storage facility
  • Flowing hole identification and management
Clearance and Inspection

The final component of project management is the clean-up of the program as well as receiving final sign off from the government. This is a crucial step as it ensures that the groundwork has been set for successful further operations in the area, as well as acceptance and sign off from the regulatory bodies.

This service includes:

  • Line clean-up and inspection
  • Site condition report
  • Permit releasing
  • Final plan submissions
  • Letter of clearance
Standards and Safety

Divestco is committed to ensuring that all our projects are conducted in a safe and responsible manner to the highest standards possible.  This means that at all times best practices will be followed and at the end of the project all stakeholders including First Nations and landowners recognize that there has been little or no impact.  Divestco’s role will be an active one highlighted by the following:

  • Assessment of contractors safety procedures
  • Evaluation of third party certifications (CORE, tickets etc)
  • Audit of contractors safety record
  • On site hazard assessment and policy review
  • Hiring and vetting of all safety and medical personnel
  • Defining safety procedures during startup meeting
  • Continuous safety audit during operations
  • Explanation of and adherence to Divestco’s and/or clients’ safety manual and procedures as determined by client.

The Divestco Advantage

  • Our People – Over 40 years of field experience
  • Transparent process-Full audit at the end of every job
  • Excellent First Nation and Government Relationships
  • End to End Solutions
  • Guaranteed Anonymity
  • Deferred Liability
  • Reputation for doing the Jobs no one else Can!

For more information please contact Bill Greenan, Seismic Acquisitions Manager

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