Seismic Data Management

Maximize the return of your companies seismic assets with our risk free management approach

Seismic Data Management

Divestco manages seismic data on behalf of many of the industry’s oil companies. Our services range from marketing of a client’s seismic assets, opening data rooms to license management. Having the largest brokerage team in Canada coupled with a comprehensive suite of seismic products and services enable us to take a unique and innovative approach to the management and marketing of your seismic assets.

As the industry has evolved beyond traditional data management services, Divestco has evolved as the industry leader in Database Evaluation, Data License Reconciliation, and Data License Management.

Relied upon by oil companies, banks and trustees

Divestco can help you navigate the world of seismic data licenses and ensure that you are compliant in the event of an asset acquisition/disposition, receivership/bankruptcy or asset evaluation as required by your financial institution. Divestco archives and maintains all the seismic licenses we have transacted and can provide a summary and license evaluation ensuring you get all the data you are entitled to and do not re-license data a second time.


Data Management Strengths:

  • Outsourcing management of proprietary seismic information allows the G&G team to better focus energy and resources on the development of oil and gas reserves
  • Creates immediate exposure of your data to the marketplace
  • Capitalizes on your seismic assets to generate income that can be used to fuel exploration growth
  • Outsources the accounting of seismic transactions
  • Ensures all your data licenses are managed, stored and archived for future needs

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