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Structural Imaging

Structural Imaging


Time proven robust solutions for complex ray path imaging. Imaging structured seismic data is a core strength at Divestco. Experienced geoscience solutions for onshore Time and Depth projects.

Structural Imaging

Time proven robust solutions for complex ray path imaging. Starting with the near surface Tomography model to each step in Structural imaging, we provide optimal resolution of dipping events and velocity models tied to geological dip. 6D Interpolation (SPRINT6D) is specialized for complex datasets requiring angular weighted MWNI.  We offer advanced anisotropic time and depth imaging services. Divestco has proven geophysical experience in rugged terrain and complex geology.

DXPRO Tomography near surface model

DXPRO Tomography near surface model

Pre-Stack Time Migration

Dxpro Pre-Stack Time Migration

PSTM Velocity field QC (Two passes)

PSTM Velocity field QC

  • Refraction Statics, Tomography, Flatirons
  • 3D AVO compliant processing, Broadband, Stable phase
  • Horizon consistent velocity model building
  • Advanced FX4D noise reduction, no restrictions on field acquisition. Effective for structural data.
  • Structure PReserving INTerpolation in 6D (SPRINT6D): Angular weighted MWNI.
  • Cartesian OVT COV or polar COA domain
  • VTI, HTI, VVAZ, AVAZ analyses
  • 3D PSTM Time Imaging (Kirchhoff, shot profile Wave Equation Migration)
  • 3D PSDM Depth Imaging (Kirchhoff) – Model building, Well integration, Near surface models
Kirchhoff Migration Wave Equation Migration
AccuracyRay based single path.Wave based multi paths.
Offset definitionSurface Shot-to-Receiver. Subsurface Shot-to-Image.
Domain- Offset.
- Wavefield can NOT move across offset volumes, but within only.
- Shot.
- Wavefield can move across offsets within the migrated shot volume.
In the presence of multiplesMultiples migrate within the offset volume.Multiples migrate towards near offsets.
CIGs- Variable and coarser offset increments.
- Fewer offset traces.
- AVO friendly.
- Regular and finer offset increments.
- More offset traces.
- More information.
- AVO friendly.

PSDM by shot profile Wave Equation Migration

PSDM shot profile WEM

PSDM by shot profile PSPI WEM using time-shift imaging condition for wavefield accuracy improvements, and split-step Fourier statics correction for any topographic challenges.
(Honorable recognitions: 2009 CSEG and 2007 SEG)

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