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Stratigraphic Imaging

Stratigraphic Imaging


Since 1971, Divestco has refined the workflows to image the Subsurface for Geoscientists

Stratigraphic Imaging

The core of Divestco processing is stratigraphic land imaging. Starting in 1971, Divestco has built out specialized algorithms using DXPRO to provide a broadband signal and optimal image. AVO compliant Processing & Imaging are the cornerstone of all workflows. Surface Consistent Deconvolution, 6D Interpolation and advanced azimuthal analysis prepare the seismic studies for reservoir attributes. 

  • AVO compliant processing and imaging flows, broadband and stable phase
  • Advanced FX4D noise reduction, no restrictions on field acquisition
  • 6D Interpolation (SPRINT6D), Angular weighted MWNI
    (Cartesian OVT COV, polar COA domain, AVO preserving)
  • VTI, HTI azimuthal analyses
  • Migration Imaging (Kirchhoff, shot profile WEM)


PSTM + VVAZ before and after 6D Interpolation

Use slider to see the difference.



Fracture intensities & directions, Thomsen’s δ (Zheng, 2007)

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