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Diffraction Imaging (DI)


Superior Discontinuity Detection

DI greatly improves vertical and lateral resolution when compared to traditional reflective seismic imaging methods. It has been successful in resolving weak amplitude faults, cracked interfaces, stratigraphic pinch-outs, channel edges and inter-channel bodies.

Diffraction Imaging (DI)

Preservation of the diffracted wave field is fundamental to the imaging workflow. With Divestco’s high level of seismic processing experience and proprietary DXPRO Software, the workflow is designed to optimize the integrity of the diffracted wavefield.

DI is applicable in both the time or depth imaging domains and provides an interpretable 3D SEG-Y volume that complements the conventional PSTM/PSDM imaging.

Coherence Vs. Diffraction Imaging ( DXPRO-DI)


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Using our DI innovations, the interpreter can now visualize fractures, faults, channels, facies change, buried bodies in the subsurface of complex and compartmentalized unconventional and conventional plays to an unprecedented degree.

DI - Mitigating Drilling Risk though Fracture Detection

Due to its kinematic nature, when used in conjunction with all other incoherency attributes (coherence, curvature, AVAZ/VVAZ) DI can greatly contribute to identify drilling hazards.

  • Diffractive Wavefield Separation
  • PSTM or PSDM imaging applications
  • Superior Fault detection vs curvature, coherency or edge detection technologies
  • Identify drilling hazards

Diffraction Imaging Papers

Boliviarian Symposium,
2016 September


Hiding in Plain Sight: Improving seismic resolution through DI technique

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