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Depth Imaging

Depth Imaging


 Our Leading technology solution enables mapping of complex geology for any land 2D/3D acquisition project. 

Anisotropic Depth Imaging

Our solution enables you to do imaging on complex geologic structures using accurate velocity modeling and visualization. Tomography and velocity model building is completed with Kirchhoff and Fast Beam using Tomography updates. Structured imaging in the depth domain provides the geoscientist with the most accurate reconstruction of the subsurface.

  • PSDM:
    • Kirchhoff PSDM with anisotropic VTI and TTI travel times
      Parallel focused adaptive run-time optimization 
    • Fast Beam Migration
      Super-efficient algorithm that is two orders of magnitude faster than the industry standard Kirchhoff depth migration.
  • Tomography:
    • Layer freezing or global updates
    • Single and multiple parameter residual velocity estimation:
      Single Value Tomography
      Offset Vector Tomography
      360 Azimuth Offset Tomography

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