Volumetric methods are primarily used to evaluate the in-place hydrocarbons in new, non-producing wells and pools, and new petroleum basins. Based on geological contoured maps Divestco can compute height, area and volume for specific leases and total pools.

Volumetric calculations are primarily used to understand and evaluate the oil and gas in specific pools, strike areas, fields or new petroleum basins.

Our experienced in-house technicians will georeference your raster image using your hand drawn or computer-generated interpretation. We will georeference this data to your required projection and datum, then heads-up digitize the geological contours as lines or polygons. We also capture the Z values. We can turn these projects around in a short time frame. Our process applies strict quality control procedures to ensure that your data is going “in the right direction” and that contours are not being accidentally missed.

Need interpolation? We can take care of that for you as well.

Once digitized, Divestco can compute the height, area and volume for a specific area, such as a lease or the total pool.

We will securely deliver a digital copy of the contours and calculations in various file formats, such as ESRI Shapefiles or others that can be easily loaded into third-party geological modelling programs.

Divestco provides the trapezoidal and pyramidal volume calculations in an editable spreadsheet enabling you to pinpoint estimated volume in any given section.

Volumetrics Strengths:
  • Digitize contours reducing monotonous and time consuming work
  • Easily estimate existing oil and gas reserves and ROI
  • Excellent QC and QA procedure and check maps for client validation
  • Evaluate the economic potential in reserves for divestitures or participating in a prospect

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