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LiDAR Products and Services


LiDAR ensure that your seismic data is accurate to a few decimeters. Whether you require the most precise bare-earth digital elevation model, digital surface model (what’s above the surface – vegetation, buildings, infrastructure), or to compute areas or volumes – Divestco has the data, software and experienced personnel to ensure that your next project is a success.

LiDAR has increasingly been used and accepted as a vertical replacement for seismic surveys in recent years. LiDAR data has been available in Western Canada since the mid 2000’s and is now become widely available and used globally. With the improvements in technology and computation speed, LiDAR layers and resulting products are becoming a very common dataset to incorporate into your GIS software.

Divestco can provide you with additional services and products, that will give you a step up in your decision making in all stages, from preplanning to final construction.

LiDAR Services and Strengths:
  • Research and discovery of LiDAR datasets that the client may not be aware exist in the area to provide improvements to existing seismic data sets
  • Validation of LiDAR library dataset using ground truthing, comparison to client seismic lines and geodetic benchmark, datum verification, identifying different vintages and bordering alignment issues
  • Conversions of raw and processed LiDAR into various vector or raster formats, which can include datum transformations
  • Terrain Slope Analysis and calculation of the slope of the terrain. This data can be used for analysis of the steepness of terrain for various applications such as access roads, ideal site location, etc.
  • Aspect can be calculated using results from terrain slope calculations so show orientation of slope
  • Hillshading of data to help visualize terrain data base on hypothetical light sources. These techniques can be used to visualize amounts of sunlight on certain areas of ground at any one point in time or duration of time
  • Terrain Change Tracking/Volume Calculations using LiDAR data using a minimum of two LiDAR datasets. This can be used to show the surface changes and change in volume of ground material over various periods of time
  • Digital Forestry Modelling, Management and Planning using a combination of satellite/aerial imagery and LiDAR data to calculate and track changes in forest canopy in an area. This can be used to track deforestation and regrowth over various periods of time
  • Cut and Fill calculations and construction from the results of slope calculations. Can be used to help minimize surface material excavation and material relocation/removal cost. Analysis can be done to calculate best Access Route and aid Plant site, well site location and development. This can be done in the office prior to actual construction in the field
  • Digital Wetland Management/Drainage analysis/Flood Inundation Analysis/Modelling. All three services involve calculating flow and settling of water in project area. This can help to analyze risk, avoid construction in wet area and minimize future damage that can be cause by excess water accumulation and flow
  • Topographical Mapping layer can be produced from LiDAR, which include contour creation, Area of Interest Extraction, color shading of layer for a visually appealing look

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