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Divestco Geomatics Global Work

Global Geomatics


Divestco Geomatics has vast experience in many areas around the world and a broad range of accurate and customized solutions to help oil and gas producers with their data integrity needs.

Local Expertise. Global Experience

Divestco Geomatics has vast experience in many international areas around the world, and a broad range of customized solutions designed to help North American International oil and gas explorers and producers with their data integrity needs. We have worked with junior start-ups to experienced majors, and can help you succeed globally.

Our team will help you understand the specifics of your exploration area, so that when you hit the ground, you will have a solid game plan and the deliverables so that you can move forward with your programs.

We will ensure that you understand important considerations such as local country grid systems, regulatory requirements for wells and concessions, data capture techniques, validation and integration in the field and back home.


Global Geomatics Strengths:

  • Improve the geospatial integrity of your data
  • Define datums and map projections
  • Gain insight on the impact to geophysical projects
  • Ensure you meet concession commitments
  • Confirm validity of historical data
  • Save time on work that would take considerable time and resources to capture in the field
  • Custom presentation quality maps available for websites and presentations
  • Expert staff that is available for on-site or field support for international seismic programs


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