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GeoCarta Map

A simple, flexible, and powerful mapping platform designed for the Oil & Gas industry.

Whether you need to analyze and map public or proprietary data, or use it as a geological interpretation system, GeoCarta Map leverages GIS functionality to increase efficiency and accuracy throughout the exploration process.


Harness the power of GIS in a simple, user-centered mapping platform. Designed with industry standard components, GeoCarta Map increases your productivity and accuracy.

  • Use spatially aware tools for quick data selection
  • Quickly import external data types and spatial layers
  • Easily customize and enhance your map with postings and layer controls


With a fully open data system, GeoCarta Map allows users to gain access to data from multiple sources. You can also easily import proprietary land, well data and spatial layers into your map.

  • Import ad-hoc data formats and spatial objects
  • Take advantage of company selected and controlled data sets
  • Easily share and distribute mapping assets


With a powerful browse and query system for data, GeoCarta Map offers unique tools that can provide a competitive advantage throughout the exploration process.

  • Leading edge GIS technologies ensure increased functionality with decreased overhead and training costs
  • Increased consistency and accuracy allow you to take advantage of corporate data assets
  • Access to a rich global network of GIS data to effortlessly enhance your maps

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