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Interpretation is a creative, decision-making process, one that is often disrupted by the need to perform the mundane tasks of data management and preparation. WinPICS 3D, Divestco’s 3D exploration workspace, uses state of the art technology to eliminate many of these bottlenecks. Its design philosophy is to keep explorationists “in the zone” longer, enabling them to gain greater insight into their data and make more reliable decisions, faster and with a greater degree of confidence.

Divestco’s WinPICS 3D gives you the ability to view, manipulate, and interpret in a three-dimensional setting to gain a greater insight of how your overall project fits together. WinPICS 3D and its SeisScape™ seismic display windows are based around innovative research and technology yet they retain all of the time-tested WinPICS interpretation capabilities and are tightly integrated with the WinPICS map and seismic windows. Users do not need to learn new interpretation tools or a new picking interface. They can continue to work in the new workspaces exactly as they did before and yet take full advantage of the speed and flexibility provided by working in a state-of-the art three-dimensional environment.

WinPICS 3D Includes:

  • On-the-fly Horizon and Proportional slicing
  • Seismic Interpretation using GeoCubes
  • Corendered GeoCube Attributes
  • Combined SeisScape/Conventional Seismic Displays
  • Geotiff Horizon Overlays
  • Deviated Well displays.
  • Intuitive Scene Manipulation
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