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Divestco’s highly experienced well log digitizing team provides accurate digital well log data through a combination of proprietary and industry leading digitizing software and quality control processes. Canadian and international well logs can be digitized from both digital and paper format and digital curves are delivered in industry standard, LAS format.

Divestco’s team can always be relied upon to provide the product and service you require to achieve your exploration goals.

Customer requirements are managed by our highly responsive customer service staff through knowledgeable communication and online job tracking tool that enables customers to track their job orders.


  • Reputation as Calgary’s leading digitizing service provider for over thirty years.
  • Experience in dealing with a variety of data types including international logs, dip meter logs and mud logs.
  • Multi-tier quality control processes, including manual overlaying, proven to ensure curve accuracy, standardized curve names, correct left and right scales, accurate headier information, and precise depth registration.
  • Capacity to handle both international and Canadian well logs digitizing projects of any size and magnitude.
  • Turnaround of one day provided on standard curve digitizing orders.

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EnerGISite enables you to work with well log data through a simple web-based application.

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