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Crown Land Sale Representation

Cavalier’s experienced land sale team offers complete and efficient preparation and delivery of bids to confidentiality acquire interests within Crown Lands.


  • Land sale maps for your core areas, integration of proprietary land holding with public land sale postings to allow you to moni¬tor land sale activities in your core areas
  • Historical land sale statistics
  • Feasibility studies


  • Cover all land sales in WCSB, including federal lands
  • Trust names include Cavalier and Canadian Landmasters
  • Preparation of bid letters
  • No charge for travel costs for delivery of bids
  • NoUse of electronic funds account (with deposit) as required


  • Confidential holding of all Crown Mineral Agreements
  • Prompt and knowledgeable handling of D56 notifications, third-party land inquires, rental payment services

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