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Divestco has been managing industry well log data for over thirty years and uses EnerGISite to host one of the industry’s largest online libraries of comprehensive Canadian digital and raster well log data, well tickets and well documents – available by subscription, or on a transactional basis.

EnerGISite enables you to easily work with well log and document data through a simple web-based application that provides you with fast, economical and convenient access 24-7 to our extensive historical well log library.


  • Digitized Directional Survey Data now available for western Canada, with multiple header and point data options using several calculated parameters.
  • Digital log Curves – over 6.6 million digital curves including government and Divestco QC’d data.
  • Scanned Logs – over 2.4 million scanned well logs (available through EnerGISite or other software packages such as GeoVista and GeoCarta).
  • Scanned Well Documents – over 2.5 million scanned pages of original well documents available as PDF files.
  • Depth registered tiff images ready to use in Petra, Geographix and other applications. The Raster library is updated on a continuous basis by scanning, at high resolution (400 dpi), the original paper well logs received from the provincial energy boards.
  • Well tickets feature production data, DST’s well summaries, formation tops and more.
  • Well Document library of downloadable PDF files of DST’s completions, geological reports, fluid analysis, directional surveys and more.
  • Proprietary curve data hosting provides a curve data management solution that is centralized, secure, simple and integrated with Divestco’s public log data libraries.
  • Search tools with the power to perform list or map-based queries and filtering which enables you to easily work with large lists of wells and log types.
  • Mnemonics translation table of curve aliases unique to your company – enables you to apply company-standard names automatically for all of your downloaded curves.
  • Available on a transaction or subscription basis.

New Enhancements for EnerGISite

  • Filter digital log orders by different data sources.
  • Filter digital and raster log data to show recently added or updated data only.
  • Filter to display shear wave sonic curves exclusively, or with all sonic curves.
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Proprietary Log Hosting

Secure access to all of your own private log curve data using the EnerGISite search tools in addition to the millions of curves readily available in Divestco’s digital curve library.

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