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Synthetic Suite

From logs to seismic, Synthetic Suite is the power package for stratigraphic log modeling.  Synthetic Suite has been an industry leader for over 12 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Logedit) Can I convert my curves from imperial to metric in the LAS Import window? 

The LAS Import window will not do any calculations to convert between imperial and metric units.  The options within that dialog box are for display purposes only.  For example, in the .las file there is a DT curve with the units of us/ft.  If I select us/m in the LAS Import window it will only tell the program that this curve is in us/m it will not convert the curve values.   Both Synth 1D and Interpalog will do the conversions for you before you start to work in the program. 


(Synth 1D) I can not get my Density curve to display even though I have one in my log file.  

The density curve will only show up it you use the Density or Pseudo Density in the Generation Parameters dialog. 


(InterpaLog) When I print my section I can't read my text.  Either it's way too big or way too small. 

The size of the printed text is tied to the Horizontal Scale of the printed model.  So if you print your section "Fit to Width" and it's printing at 25% your fonts will be 25% of the original value.  Conversely if you print "Fit to Width" and it's printing at 200% (this usually happens with the Seismic section) your fonts will be twice as big as the point size you've set.  To change every font value, go into the Annotation tab of the Print Setup dialog box.  There is a spot that says "Scale Fonts by__%".  If your font is too small enter 200% or 300%, if your font is too big enter 50% or smaller.