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GeoCarta Tools

GeoCarta Tools is a GIS mapping software that leverages the powerful ESRI ArcView geomatics software, enabling engineers, geologists, geophysicists and land managers to collect, display, analyze and interpret oil and gas data.  Your GeoCarta Tools support team offers you over 40 years of industry-related experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my Legend / Table of Contents / List of Layers, how do I get it back? 

In ArcMap, click on Window - Table of Contents. 


How do I check to see if my data update was successful? 

Open a map in ArcMap and open an appropiate Ticket for the update (i.e. Land, Well, Pipeline). If the tickets open, then the update was successful and the databases have been re-attached. 


How often do you ship your data updates? 

Land updates are shipped in the week following a Land Sale.  Well data and Pipeline / Facility data is updated monthly.