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Synthetic Suite

Stratigraphic Modeling from Logs to Seismic

Divestco’s Synthetic Suite gives you unprecedented power when it comes to stratigraphic log modeling. The suite consists of three integrated tools for fast, easy, and precise modeling. Use InterpaLog to work with multi-well 2D modeling, LogEdit to prepare and edit logs, and Synth1D to work with 1D seismograms.

InterpaLog - display well logs in depth and create corrrelations from well log files or interactively on the screen.

LogEdit - display multiple wells simultaneously and easily pick tops graphically or import them in batch mode directly from spreadsheet files.

Synth1D - overlay any log with synthetic traces and plot other well curves.

Synthetic Suite Strengths:

  • Comprehensive and powerful application for stratigraphic log modeling
  • Integrated features enable consistency between tools for accurate modeling
  • Import logs from LAS, ASCII formats and FastLog
  • Input or output in SEG-Y format
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