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Survey Construction

Do More With Less.

Working with seismic projects, domestically and internationally you inherit projects, purchase trade data, merge project data with vendor/service or online datasets. Previously, when basic survey data (raw data) was unavailable, the position of the provided data was accepted since little could be done to confirm the positional accuracy of the data.

Survey Construction provides an alternative to gain geospatial confidence and project integrity. Divestco Geomatics has developed processes that capitalize on digital elevation models for horizontal positioning along with available satellite imagery and client provided data. Our team constructs survey information and validates it’s real world position.

Survey Construction Strengths:

  • Provide spatial confidence of seismic survey data where little or no support documents or basic data is available
  • Correctly position existing seismic survey data
  • Construct and provide accurate seismic survey locations
  • Provide confidence on the internal geometry of seismic data (intersections, line and station spacing, detours to culture)
  • Validate and rectify existing data geodetics and positioning integrity of data based on physical ties to imagery and culture data
  • Provide a digital return to hardcopy data using maps and support documents
  • Datum and projection validation through coordinate pairings
  • Positional validation through imagery and Digital Elevation Models
  • Survey integrity analysis (spreads, profiles, missing stations, intersections)
  • Datum transformations to meet client requirements
  • Final report on discovery
  • SEGP1 of validated seismic data
  • It is important to note that the quality of work and final spatial accuracy is dependent on the support data available for validation.