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Leadership Team

Over the years, Divestco’s strategy has enabled us to provide a focused offering of products and services.

Equally as valuable, is the expertise and leadership we have gained in our team, including a core group of Directors and Officers whose knowledge and experience is unsurpassed.

Ours is a team that is committed to serving the best interests of our customers, our staff, and our investors - A team that shares the same common principles of honesty, integrity, and hard work.

Board of Directors

Stephen Popadynetz
Wade Brillon
Edward L. Molnar 1,2,3
Brent Gough 2,3,4

1. Chairman of the Board
2. Member of the Audit Committee
3. Member of the Compensation Committee
4. Member of the Corporate Governance Committee


Stephen Popadynetz   - CEO & President
Steve Sinclair-Smith   - Chief Operating Officer
Lonn Hornsby   - SVP Operations, Divestco Seismic LP
Danny Chiarastella   - CFO
Shannon Bjarnason   - Director, Software & Data
Steve Sinclair-Smith   - Director, Seismic Processing
John Bertsch   - Director of Geosciences
Dan Negut   - Chief Geophysicist
Bart Iverson   - Director, Geomatics
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